Thursday, March 8, 2012


Thank God for Facebook.  I feel like it's a little bit of a life line right now.  I know, I can't believe I said it but I am missing my friends so terribly.  I want to pick up the phone and call a million times a day, but don't want t bug them because I don't know what they have going on. Blah!!!

I can't believe how much my friends baby's have change since I left.  Today I see sweet Paige who is getting so big and my lovey Farrah with the sweetest smile, who is looking more and more like a big girl.  Man, I miss everyone so much. It is amazing how you take everyone for granted when you have them so close and you can see them when ever you want, Now, I'm just so isolated I am craving people to talk to. Blah!!!

So, I go out.  And when I go out, I go shopping.  I look around, waste time, and try not to spend money (okay, too much money). I'm trying not to, and if I do I try to stick to just stuff we need.  Aaron keeps telling me to just go meet people. If he tells me that one more time I will punch him in the throat!  If only it were that easy.  Our neighbors are all way older (and the scary dude next door is an Obama lover).  It isn't like the Navy where you have a common ground to start on to meet people. Or a job where you can talk to and meet people.  I've tried finding some Mommy and Me groups, but that is even proving difficult. Blah!!!

So I play with Piper and we are working on walking, which it is still so odd to me that she isn't walking because both boys were walking by 9 months. And today we started working on getting her to sleep in her crib! She screamed "HEY" at the top of her lungs for fifteen minutes, then calmed down and just stood there. Didn't nap but I guess it's a start.  Once she was calm I walked in and out of her room for a bit, then sat on her twin bed and nursed her.  Hopefully she'll get used to being/sleeping in there. Man, I hope she'll still nap today.  Blah!!!

So, I'm sitting here hoping Piper will go to sleep and trying to convince myself that I don't need to go to Costco.  Blah!!!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  I got to order my new glasses the other night, I am excited to be able to see more clearly.  With bifocals.  Blah!!!

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  1. You are never an inconvenience! And even if I am busy when you do call, I will call you back when I have time to talk. That's the joy of voicemail!!! :) Sorry you are bummed out, babe. It will get better, I promise! :) Especially if you keep shopping... You can just meet people in your shopaholics therapy group! :D I know, I am just so hopeful. And I can't believe how big Piper is getting either! They grow up way too dang quick.

    I can't wait to see a pic of your new glasses; and don't worry, I had bifocals when I was younger, and I loved them! And good luck with the little lady in her bed... It will happen- even if it takes you and Aaron grossing her out, because she is STILL sleeping in your bed as a teen. HA HA, just kidding!