Sunday, May 27, 2012

Piper and the Ice Cream Cone

After another fun filled day of swimming (and yes, I went swimming today and it was fabulous) I decided to let Piper have her own ice cream cone for the first time.  She's had bites of ice cream before but never her own.

So we took her out side and let her have a bit of ice cream.  And no! She did not eat the whole thing, not even close.  She was not happy when we took it from her.  Yeah, we are mean like that!  Of course, I took pictures.  Enjoy!

"Hey! This is GREAT!"

"I can't believe you are letting me hold this."
(And Mommy can't believe she left you
in a white onesie!)

"What do you mean when you tell
Daddy that I can't have all this ice cream?"

"Take this from me and DIE!"

"Yeah! This is good!"

"Look! I can push my finger into the cone."

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Piper and the Pool

The pools where we live opened today so we decided to take Piper swimming.  We blew up her little floaty seat.  Yeah, that sucked, we were too lazy to go and find the electric pump and we should have.  Those things are hard to blow up.

She loved being in the pool, it was her first time and she didn't even flinch when the water was a bit cool.  She had so much fun till we decided it was time to go home. She really pitched a fit for a minute.

Here's a few pictures of her and Aaron...

I really like that the floaty seat had a sun canopy.  We
all know how freaked out I get about our pale skin!

I love the look on her face when Aaron was dunking her.
She didn't love it, but she really didn't mind it either.
She got to the point where she thought she could swim
and kept trying to get away.
(Check out the look on Aaron's face)

Look at that saggy butt.  Good thing I bought her a 
12 month size, she's such a peanut.

We also got her a water play table this week.  We set it up last night and she had so much fun playing with it.   I guess she'll be our water baby.  I guess I'll need to suck it up and put on a swim suit.  Ugh, not looking forward to it but I'll do it.

Piper has also been talking up a storm.  Today she's been saying "Me, thank you, and here", everyday it something new.  The other day she said boobie, we don't encourage that.  But it was kinda funny.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

OOPS, I'm Turning Japanese

This morning in the grocery store I'm pushing Piper in the carriage down the aisle, singing along to the music playing, and cracking Piper up.  Our Safeway always has the best music, usually the stuff I listened to as a kid.

We were having fun till I notice this older Japanese couple staring at me in disbelief.  It took me a second to figure out they could hear me singing.  The song I was singing you ask? Oh yeah!  It was what you are thinking. "Turning Japanese" by The Vapors.

So, for your musical enjoyment, here is the video.

Thank God The Cure wasn't playing!

Monday, May 21, 2012

It's Craptacular!

So you think you can paint? Paint? Paint? Paint?  (Sing to the theme song "So you think you can dance?")

The answer is no (and I can't sing either).

But, I do have fun messing around and thought I'd try it on my own since I had so much fun at the Drunken Pallet with Denise and Jori.  Here is what I've been working on the past few weeks.

The Sea Horse - Acrylics and Paper (had a hard time getting a 
good picture, it's showing up a bit darker than it actually is)

Home is your Anchor - Acrylics - Here is my inspiration piece
(AKA - Pinterest Hack)

Button Tree - Watercolors and buttons

The Sandra Lisa - Acrylics, Paper, Ink.  This is my first try
at photo transferring onto canvas.  (Actually the second done over 
the first after I painted over that area).  It is my beautiful sister-
in-law, and no, she isn't crap, but now her picture has become
a craptacular piece.  Sorry, Love You TONS!

Sorry so quick,  Aaron has the baby cause I said I'm making dinner.  SHHHHHHHHHH!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lazy Sunday

So, this was my day...

I got up around 9:00 (don't judge, I was up a few times with Piper) and after I got ready we went to breakfast.  It was fabulous.  Except, my allergies went absolutely hay wire while we were gone.  My whole face was burning and itching, my nose was running, and my throat was even itchy.  I just felt yucky, what ever trees are in this area, along with the grass, are killing me.

Oh my gosh, while at breakfast there was this lady who I swear could be a speed eater.  She had this huge plate of egg whites (yummy), four pieces of bacon, and 3 pancakes with bananas.  I swear she ate it all, every piece in less than five minutes.  Literally inhaled it.  I have never in my life seen anyone eat so freaking fast.  It really freaked me out.

Okay, back to my lazy day.  We got home and I nursed the baby and it was her nap time.  I was not feeling so hot so I put Piper down for her nap and I took one too.  Slept till 3, it was awesome.  I've been in my P.J.'s since my nap.  Ha, I never do that. It is awesome.

I cleaned nothing today, well, unless you count rearranging my Pinterest boards. You should, cause I do.  I did make spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.  It was tasty.  Piper really liked it, she loves noodles, the longer the better.  She cracks us up but, I failed and didn't take any pictures and she was a hot mess.  Daddy had to give her a bath.  She was just cracking herself up sucking those noodles in.

Have you seen Pinterest?  If not you need to.  It rocks.  I love it.  Check it out.  Think of it as a huge bulletin board where you stick all your ideas.  Except, you have many boards and you can keep track of all the things you love on the internet.  I do have one request.  NO PORN!  I am so sick of porn.  Quit ruining my happy place.  That, and all the damn teenagers need to get off!  She here's my boards go and take a look.

Things have been pretty chill for me the past few days actually.  The big excitement was our friends Monica and Marshall came down from Connecticut with their boys and stayed with us Friday night.  It was great to see them.  I wish we had more time together.  Aaron and Parker had fun going to the air show with them at Andrews Air Force Base.  Hopefully we'll get to see them again before they head to California.

Oh, and just a quick update on the Crazy Old Bat.  I pulled my neighbors weeds.  Yeah, I did it.  I had a few of my own to pull so I pulled hers also.  We have very small front yards it was really no big deal.  I didn't trim her rose bush but I did wrap the longer branches back around the railing to give the "illusion" of being trimmed.  I haven't seen the Old Bat, so I have no idea what she thinks.  But if she does ever say something again, I'm going to nicely tell her that she needs to talk with my neighbor.  Sheesh!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Crazy Old Bat!!! (and some poop)

So yeah, I know I'm going to Hell.  But, today I am pretty sure the lady a couple of townhouses down is where the term "Crazy Old Bat" came from.  Really!  She is the weed Nazi!  She is the over grown rose bush police!  Even worse, it's not my damn yard!

For a couple of weeks now she keeps telling me to cut my rose bush.  Every time, I have my hands full with groceries, other things I've bought, the diaper bag, the baby.  Every time I tell her "It is not my bush, I can not cut it."  She then informs me that I need to tell my neighbor to take care of her yard.  She lets me know how much it upsets her.  If you are so upset cut it yourself or say something to my neighbor, frankly, I just don't care!

So today and I'm carrying three bags of veggies from Trader Joe's (OK! Fine! I did buy some pot stickers and dark chocolate covered cherries too, sheesh, oh and a bootle of wine and some steaks) and she starts in about the weeds and bushes.  I give a little chuckle and say I'll talk with her.  And she damn near looses touch: "This is serious!  I am deeply distraught!  I am always in my yard, these are TOWNHOUSES! You need to tell her to take care of this because I am getting pretty upset!"  So under my breath I am mumbling "Shut up you stupid, crazy, old bat, good God, can't you see I'm busy."  Instead I smile and say, "Yes, I will talk to her."  She once again tells me this isn't funny, we live in TOWNHOUSES and I better do something.

Whatever!  Talk to your Camaro driving adult son and tell him to do something.  Or even better, do it yourself. Good God, I just don't care.  (See, going to Hell!)  So I shake my head and get the baby out of the car and head in to the house.  She is standing near her HUGE ROSES (She shows me every time I leave the house) just seething.  Now, I know she has nothing else to do but take care of her yard, but man, leave me alone and don't ambush me when my hands are full and I have a baby that needs a nap!

On a happier note:

I found out earlier this week that you can have POOP mailed to people, and it's totally anonymous.  I wanted to send some to my friends future ex-husband, but my husband (AARON!) said no, I was not allowed to pay to have poop mailed to someone.  "What if they deserve it?" I ask.  "No, not even then.  It costs too much to mail poop."  He informs me.  Really, who knew, there is a price limit on poop!  Sheesh!  But here is the best part.  Aside from their website having pictures of animals pooping (way nasty) you can choose cow, elephant or gorilla poo!  Cow is the cheapest and gorilla the most expensive.  There are even pictures showing what each poop bag will look like.  Now for the best part, sorry.  There is a card inside of the bag that the lucky recipient can see and it asks if you want to know who sent you poo.  And they then  will have to open the poop bag, stick their hand in, and pull out the card only to find that "THEY WILL NEVER TELL!"

I mean really, how great is that.  I guess I'm sick, and I know I'm going to Hell as previously stated, but some people just deserve poop!

Have a great day and don't piss me off! Bwa ha ha

Shit, as I proof read this I realize, maybe the Crazy Old Bat needs some.  

(Yeah, yeah, going to Hell! - I know!)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

No! I DO NOT Want a Cup Of Johan!!!

I hate the "Johan" Gevalia commercials.  They are terrible.  They are stupid!  It irks me every time I see them.  Who thought a "cup of Johan" was a good idea?  Sure as hell not me! It's pervert, freak coffee. Sorry, just my random thought/rant for the day.

Today was fun.  Piper and I went with Felicia and Isa to the most amazing park.  How amazing you ask? Well, we had to drive by all the gated mansions to get to it.  It was wonderful, and I had never seen so many nanny's in my life.  Piper loved it.  She just ran around and laughed.  She loves playing with Isa.  We will definitely have to make sure to do it again soon.  It was so nice to get out of the house with a friend.

Piper is still teething and it is still really bugging her.  Poor baby pinches her cheeks and makes these little cries (even growls) when she's hurting.  One has broke through and the other three and just big knots.  I hope they break through soon so we can get some sleep.  Last night she had such a hard time she was up 7 (yes, seven) times. Tonight I made sure she had some Tylenol and I am hoping that helps her feel more comfortable, we both need the sleep.

Here's a few pictures from the past week.  Not a whole lot else happening.

 Piper hamming it up for the camera.

The crane (aka pterodactyl) in our back yard. 

Piper's new favorite past time.  Shredding every single
piece of paper she finds into teeny, tiny, little pieces!