Sunday, May 27, 2012

Piper and the Ice Cream Cone

After another fun filled day of swimming (and yes, I went swimming today and it was fabulous) I decided to let Piper have her own ice cream cone for the first time.  She's had bites of ice cream before but never her own.

So we took her out side and let her have a bit of ice cream.  And no! She did not eat the whole thing, not even close.  She was not happy when we took it from her.  Yeah, we are mean like that!  Of course, I took pictures.  Enjoy!

"Hey! This is GREAT!"

"I can't believe you are letting me hold this."
(And Mommy can't believe she left you
in a white onesie!)

"What do you mean when you tell
Daddy that I can't have all this ice cream?"

"Take this from me and DIE!"

"Yeah! This is good!"

"Look! I can push my finger into the cone."

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