Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lazy Sunday

So, this was my day...

I got up around 9:00 (don't judge, I was up a few times with Piper) and after I got ready we went to breakfast.  It was fabulous.  Except, my allergies went absolutely hay wire while we were gone.  My whole face was burning and itching, my nose was running, and my throat was even itchy.  I just felt yucky, what ever trees are in this area, along with the grass, are killing me.

Oh my gosh, while at breakfast there was this lady who I swear could be a speed eater.  She had this huge plate of egg whites (yummy), four pieces of bacon, and 3 pancakes with bananas.  I swear she ate it all, every piece in less than five minutes.  Literally inhaled it.  I have never in my life seen anyone eat so freaking fast.  It really freaked me out.

Okay, back to my lazy day.  We got home and I nursed the baby and it was her nap time.  I was not feeling so hot so I put Piper down for her nap and I took one too.  Slept till 3, it was awesome.  I've been in my P.J.'s since my nap.  Ha, I never do that. It is awesome.

I cleaned nothing today, well, unless you count rearranging my Pinterest boards. You should, cause I do.  I did make spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.  It was tasty.  Piper really liked it, she loves noodles, the longer the better.  She cracks us up but, I failed and didn't take any pictures and she was a hot mess.  Daddy had to give her a bath.  She was just cracking herself up sucking those noodles in.

Have you seen Pinterest?  If not you need to.  It rocks.  I love it.  Check it out.  Think of it as a huge bulletin board where you stick all your ideas.  Except, you have many boards and you can keep track of all the things you love on the internet.  I do have one request.  NO PORN!  I am so sick of porn.  Quit ruining my happy place.  That, and all the damn teenagers need to get off!  She here's my boards go and take a look.

Things have been pretty chill for me the past few days actually.  The big excitement was our friends Monica and Marshall came down from Connecticut with their boys and stayed with us Friday night.  It was great to see them.  I wish we had more time together.  Aaron and Parker had fun going to the air show with them at Andrews Air Force Base.  Hopefully we'll get to see them again before they head to California.

Oh, and just a quick update on the Crazy Old Bat.  I pulled my neighbors weeds.  Yeah, I did it.  I had a few of my own to pull so I pulled hers also.  We have very small front yards it was really no big deal.  I didn't trim her rose bush but I did wrap the longer branches back around the railing to give the "illusion" of being trimmed.  I haven't seen the Old Bat, so I have no idea what she thinks.  But if she does ever say something again, I'm going to nicely tell her that she needs to talk with my neighbor.  Sheesh!

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