Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Well, I guess you can say December was busy.  Duh, who wouldn't say that.  So I guess it's time for a Merry Christmas, December, Festivus recap (Think I'll work my way backwards so I might fully remember things):

Today we dismantled Christmas and put the house back to normal.  I am so glad it is all put up.  Truthfully, I had had enough merriment for the time being.  But now I feel that the house looks boring and empty.  Oh well, at least it's clean.

Christmas morning with Parker and Aaron was wonderfull.  Everyone was happy and we were having a wonderfull morning.  Until.... Wait for it.... I cut my darn finger open.  I mean blood gushing, gaping, open wound.  And oh no, not with a knife either.  A Pampered Chef pie server this time.  My friends keep joking that Pampered Chef is out to get me.  HA HA not funny.  I thought I needed stitches, Aaron talked me out of them.  Then made some sort of wise crack about me needing to be more carefull.  This ended with me laying in bed, holding my finger to ensure the bleeding stopped and crying for 15 minutes.  The bleeding stopped, I put 2 butterfly bandaids and 3 normal bandaids on it.  I still think I needed stitches but hey, it was Christmas and who wants to spend it in the ER?  NOT ME!

We then went to our friends house and had a wonderfull early dinner.  Thank you Denise and Randy for having us.  Denise painted me the most wonderfull "KAFFE" picture for my dining room.  Picture to follow soon.

So for the rest of December, Not to sure, Seem to have memory loss.  I know I did alot of baking, some shopping, lots of knitting for gifts and of course had a few mental break downs.  Here's a snapshot of my December.

Parker trying to figure out where to start shoveling.  It's our first snow and we got about two feet.

Parker, Aaron and I after the USS Missouri Christening.  It was a misserable cold, rainy day.

Lola and Santa.  Oh yeah, and her baby.

Me being goofy with a "surprise" envelope from my parents.  Very happy when I opened it.

Made lots and lots of cookies.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and love to everyone.

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  1. Hi Misty - I was at dinner with your Mom and my Mom tonight and got the name of your blog, managed to Google it when I got home. Thank you so much for telling your mom about the Paton Stretch sock yarn. I had been wanting to try a stretchy yarn, but I haven't been buying for myself lately (trying to use stash yarn!). Haven't cast on yet, but I'm excited to do so.

    Now that I've found your blog I'll be stopping by regularly.

    -Toby (Sandy Stewart's daughter)