Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lovely November Weekend

Friday night was a great Girls Night Out.  Denise, Tara, Lisa and I went to Margaritas for dinner.  Yes, we did have Margaritas.  We then headed for Mohegan Sun did some window shopping and a little gambling.  Came home $89 dollars ritcher than when I left for the evening.  Very nice having a "free" night out.  Especially enjoyed Tara's version of  "Pour some sugar on me".  Laughed so hard I snorted..

Had terribly hot feet that night.  Did plan on being out so late and I wore my Uggs, with socks.  Very hot feet, I'm surprised that flames weren't shooting out of my heels.

Saturday night we had another Girls Night and went to see "The Blind Side".  What an amazing movie.  Nice to know that there are still good people in the world.  Cried through almost the whole movie.

Also worked on a few projects this weekend (aside from laundry and house work).  I made a few small gifts using some lovely wool felt I bought a few years back.  Also used ribbon and bead.  Made an ornament, small tissue holder and a few pins.  Lots of fun.  Aside from the blisters from the hot glue gun.  OUCH.  I pulled the glue off not realizing it was stuck to a blister and I took my skin with it.  Remembered to have a small bowl of ice water after that.

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