Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One of those days....

I hate these types of days.

I feel like I've been run ragged.  I had a doctors apointment at 4:20 and actually saw the doctor by 4:30, that was the good part.  I was there for a check on my meds and guess what?  I found out I had broncitus (yeah, I know it's spelled wrong and I just don't care).  So, I went to get my meds filled and I sat down and waited for a half hour.  When they finally called my number one was missing so I had to go back to the other line then wait another 20 minutes for them to fill the one they forgot.  I love being punished for others stupidity.

I came home and Aaron has duty and he wants me to bring him dinner.  It is now after 6pm and I have NO CLUE what we're having and I frankly don't care.  Parker is upset because his head hurts, I think it may be a sinus infection.  I call Aaron back and tell him I'm not bringing him dinner and to see if one if his guys can get him something.

Parker wants to know what we're gonna eat.  I decide pasta and some fresh french bread (yes, that also means a latte for me).  So I run to Stop and Shop to get my latte and french bread and this crazy lady cuts through the parking lot and almost t-bones me.  I scream numerous profanities as I park my car.  Then as I'm walking in the cross walk to the store an old man almost runs me over.  I am not kidding he was soooo not paying attention.

Yeah, yeah karma for not wanting to bring Aaron dinner.  But in my defense the store is just at the corner and he wanted Mc Donalds which is at the other end of town, then I have to go to the waterfront to bring it to him and by the time I got home Parker's would be cold.  So there. 

I've had enough of this day, time to relax and do nothing,.

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