Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm Still Standing...

Still standing, HA!  More like hobbling.  My knees are killing me.  I keep thinking about that college graduation speech that was turned into a song in the 90's, you know the one I'm talking about, says something about being kind to your knees.  Well, I think my knees should be kind to me and stop acting like they're 98 instead of 38.  Or, 9 leap years, doesn't that sound better. 
Trying to blog every day, not doing too well.  But atleast I'm trying.

So I survived yesterday, It was kinda touch and go what with almost getting run over and all.  Today I took Parker to the doctors and yes, he has a sinus infection.  I swear, I need to go to med school, everyone always calls me with their problems for a consultation.  I've diagnosed everything from turrets syndrom to fifths disease.  Am I good or what.

Oh yeah, I also took my own stitches out the other night.  From my hand, not my knitting.  Wow does it feel better.  It doesn't look like I'm gonna have a scar.  I heal pretty fast.  Good thing since I'm hurting myself all the time.

I also finished my shawl, I'll post a picture as soon as I block it.  I also finished knitting a lovely star for a tree topper from the newest issue of Interweave Knits.  Once I stuff it, I'll post that pic too.

I totally forgot about Halloween.  We had a great day.  Aaron got home from work earlier than expected.  Our friends Jason and Alicia came for the day and brought their darling babe Isabel (we are her god parents).  We all went to lunch at Chili's and the guys had back ribs, barbaque sauce.  (Sorry I couldn't resist).  To keep Izzy busy, I taught her to pour salt on the coloring book and slap it.  We had so much fun watching the salt fly up in the air.

We had fun watching Izzy trick or treat at a few houses.  Aaron had to go to bed at 8 because he had to be to work early.  We must have had 20 or so people come over to visit.  It was wonderfull see Maggie and sweet, sweet angel Madasyn.  She is looking so good.  Tara and the girls were here as well as my partner in crime Denise.  Even Niki and Andy stopped by with their girls.  We had so much fun.  Ate carrots and celery with my yummy garlic and spinach dip,  and chips with my homemade salsa sauce.  Num Yummy.

Me with a scary red wig looking like I just woke up.

Maggie, Tara and Denise. The Ho's.

And Tara's daughter Kylie.

Lexie, Kylie and Madasyn

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