Friday, March 12, 2010

Just Don't Ask...

We started moving in to the new house Mid-February and I started having horrible heart burn at night.  So bad I couldn't sit still and I kept telling Aaron and Parker I was gonna die.  On the fourth evening it was so terrible I called Aaron at work and told him I was going to the ER.  Called Trisha and thank God, she came right over and took me to the E.R.  Pain was so bad and I felt so sick they put an IV in and gave me morphine and anti-nausea meds.  Wow, that worked.  It was my freaking gall bladder.  So they put me in an ambulance to go to the main hospital for more tests.  Passed a stone.

Now, many women say that nothing is worse than having a baby.  Bull CRAP!  Try passing a gall stone.  I wanted to die.  (Wanted to die again today when the bill from the ambulance company came)  Needless to say, it felt like an alien was ripping it's way out of my stomach.  Now, I have had a c-section, and a normal delivery that resulted in a broken pelvic bone.  The broken pelvic bone also made me wish for death but not the delivery.  Gall stone passing sucks, the pain was so intense, luckily it didn't last more than a few hours but oh man, was it bad!

Anyway, a week and a half later I was in Yale and had the alien (my gall bladder) removed.  YEAH.  Only problem was I had an allergic reaction to the glue they used on the incisions.  Luckily it was laproscopic.  Now I'm almost two weeks post-op and feeling pretty good.  Still have to take it easy and not lift or do too much.

Then, this Past Saturday, Aaron and Parker were in a car accident.  Some idiot decided to stop in the middle of the road for no reason right before the entrance to the freeway.  Luckily they were only going 15 mph and were not hurt, but his poor car got smooshed on the front drivers side.  So now it's at the repair shop.  I've learned not to ask "What else..."
We are all excited because Patrick gets here tomorrow evening.  He coming home to spend spring break with us.  I can't wait, it feels like forever since he's been home.

Still need to take pictures of the new house, maybe I'll get that done this weekend.

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