Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Finally, I Did It!

I recovered our dining room chairs.  They looked like crap!  Worse than crap really.  They were horrid!  I am so happy I finally got it done.  I've had the fabric forever, at least a year or more.  And some how, I lucked out, it goes okay with the colors of our dining room in the new house.  So, here are some before and afters.
See how craptacular the chair of the left is.  NASTY!
The one on the right, LOVELY!
I need some damn scotch guard so they stay nice!

Another view of my lovely chair.

Yes, I made socks for my chair that's on the hard wood.
Works way better than those stupid felt pads!
Monday was our 18th wedding anniversary (and my Mom's Birthday - Happy Birthday Mom).  We went out to dinner and took the kids with up.  My food came out cold and I had to send it back, I hate that, it scares me.  Piper threw rice all over me, and chicken, and submersed her hand in ketchup.  I am pretty sure parts of her dinner are still in the diaper bag.  YUMMY!  I did my hair, put on make up, and wore a dress. It just isn't as fun taking kids out for an anniversary dinner, on a Monday night.  I think we need a redo.

After 18 years of marriage I have to say I love Aaron more today than ever!  He is a wonderful husband and friend and I am so lucky to have him.  Especially when I go bat shit crazy.  He is the calm to my storm and so reasonable when I am not.  He is a wonderful provider and while he may be a terrible gift giver I know that he loves me and it's all the little things he does that mean the most.  He is always there for me, he always tells me he loves me, he supports everything I want to do, he always kisses me good night.  And, he is always there when I go bat shit crazy (did I already say that).  Anyway, enough mush.  I love you Babe!  You are the best!

Let's end with a video of Piper stealing Aaron's ice cream.  Why? Because it's funny!  Okay, no video.  It won't load.  Not sure why, but I just can't get them to load any more.  So here are a few pictures instead.

Piper loves cuddling with Parker.

Sampling Daddy's ice cream.

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