Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Perfect (Italian) Storm

So, apparently it is summer and I'm on vacation from overloading sharing with everyone pictures of my beautiful daughter and stories of my crazy life.  Well this one I just had to share.

Tonight I decided to make chicken pot pie (I don't use a recipe, so don't ask).  Yes, I know it is 1,000 degrees out but it sounded good, Aaron loves it, and the house it fairly cool (I have $300 power bill to prove it).

So I cut the veggies, cook the chicken, cook the veggies... you get the picture.  I'm finally at the last step letting the sauce reduce and I reach into the spice cabinet (yes I have a spice cabinet, a big cabinet, not a small one, I like spices) to put away the bay leafs and wham, I knock over another bottles, it falls to the counter right behind the little fan I have blowing on me (the stupid hood fan is stupid and doesn't work worth beans).  Yup, stop laughing cause you know what happened.  The damn lid flew off and I am covered in small green leaves along with the rest of the kitchen.

My spice cabinet.  It needs to be organized.

If you know me this would be the time I totally loose my shit.  Nope, I calmly walked to the basement door, nicely, and calmly, called Aaron up to help me then went back to stirring the filing so it wouldn't burn.  Aaron came up and looked at me and asked "What the Hell?"  I told him what happened.  He is so wonderful! He chuckled and started cleaning it up for me.  I told him I didn't intend for him to clean it all up I just needed him to turn off the fan and be my calming influence.

I was covered!  The counters, stove, and floor were covered!. When Aaron picked up the bottle and I asked what it was.  Yup, Perfect Italian Seasoning.  Hope it doesn't make my pot pie funky.  Not something I use in my recipe.  Oh, yeah, I don't have a recipe, not a seasoning I add.  Anyway, Aaron even washed my feet off for me.  He then thanked me for not loosing my shit.  I thanked him for his help because it happened at the worst possible time.

So there it is, big huge mess, sorry no pictures, I was too busy cooking.

But here's a lovely picture of my lovely pot pie.

Now this!  This almost made me loose my shit!  I need to have a little talk with whom ever did this.  You do not precariously stack the Kitchen Aid! I don't even know how they managed to do this.  UGH!

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