Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cartoons Tick Me Off!

Heads up I swear!

Piper has discovered television.  She enjoys cartoons. She loves Yo Gabba Gabba.  She even has a Foofa doll and a shirt with the green thing on it.  "There's a party in my tummy.  So yummy, so yummy."  Yes, that has been stuck in my head for weeks.

So anyway.  This past week I have been pretty pissed off at some of these cartoons.  The other night poor Denise had to listen to me go on and on about them.  Yeah, I made her laugh, but I did feel bad.  Who wants to listen about someone's opinions on cartoons.  Certainly not me, crap, I never thought I'd have to watch them again.  So, my lucky friends you get to read my laundry list of what I hate about cartoons...

1.  And this is a direct quote from the other night.. "Where the f%$# are Emily's Parents?"  Who lets their child be free in the woods with Little Bear, a turtle, owl and duck.  Really?!? And Denise asked "Why do Little Bears parents have clothes and he is bear naked?"  Who the hell knows.

2.  Then on Ni Hao, Kai-Lan they have a whole story line and SONG about if someone ruins your shit and they feel bad and tell you sorry you should tell them "It's OK" so  "THEY DON"T FEEL BAD".  Now, I do understand.  But I'm sorry, if you ruin my stuff I have a right to be mad at you regardless if you did it on purpose or not.  I hate that kids say "I DIDN'T MEAN TO".  Makes me want to puke.  Even Parker came in during the song and said "Hey Mom, I broke your computer but I didn't mean too."  Ha! Even Parker got it.  I think kids need to understand that it doesn't matter if you meant to do something or not, the fact remains that YOU DID IT.  And people will be mad.  (Yeah, they will need to get over it, but they are allowed to be upset).  Sheesh

3.  On another show a child was forced to share his favorite toy because someone else wanted to play with it.  I DO NOT believe in sharing.  It is crap.  It's mine, get your own!  I'm sorry if my kid has their favorite toy and someone else wants it, tough!  It is their favorite, that's why they won't let it go and they shouldn't have to.  You want my snack, get your own.  I just think it's nuts that children are required to share everything.  That isn't how life works. (I'll refrain from my political thought on this too!)

4.  And on that note, we'll talk about Franklin.  The cherry on the cake - everyone won second place in the pet show.  What a load of crap.  Not everyone wins!  People loose!  More people loose than win!  Everyone is not special and wonderful!  Why is it no longer okay for kids to feel the disappointment of loss?  We should teach them that it's okay to lose and be disappointed. Losing is an opportunity to learn, if everyone wins all the time, they don't learn a thing.  And getting a trophy for just being on a team is crap too!

What an entitled bunch of brats we are raising.  Kids all think they are so special they should get everything they want, win at everything, not be responsible for their actions, and can act like shits because no one will do anything.  Nope, not going to do it!

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  1. Oh the times I could agree with this post... SO MANY TIMES!!! I never, EVER liked "participant" ribbons in school, and I was motivated to get to the top of the podium when I figure skated. LIFE IS NOT FAIR PEOPLE!!!!! And I agree about these cartoons... Maybe they need to make a cartoon where there is a little kid who plays quietly, listens to his parents, and cleans up after himself. Sounds like an example kids need! Lol, poor Paige is screwed apparently... :) Miss you!!