Monday, February 27, 2012

More Pictures Of Piper's First Birthday

 Thankfully I was able to find all my photo's from Piper's birthday. 

Mommy made a special brunch for Piper. She had eggs and bacon.  
She really enjoyed her bacon!

After dinner (which she didn't eat) we got ready
for cupcakes.  She wore her Party hat the whole time.
I was very pleased since I made it for her party, and she
wanted nothing to do with it then!

Ohhh, cupcakes.  I even found a bumblebee one.

A shot of her cupcakes before she tried to
grab the flame. Ouch! No worries, she is okay!

Piper actually tasted some icing.  But she did not eat
one bit of cupcake. She did eat a marshmallow
off of one.

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