Monday, February 27, 2012

What An Amazing Year!

I can not believe that my baby turned one yesterday!  Where has the time gone?

In the past year I had a baby (duh!), had a teenager sneak out of the house and get caught by the police, turned 40, moved to another state, and to top it all off Aaron will be officially retired from the Navy in two days.  He still hasn't started his new job (waiting on his TSI to transfer to civilian) and I thought we were supposed to have one last "normal" pay check but alas, nothing is pending for the first. Great! Can you say stressed! (Phew, it's showing now!) Everything will be fine but not one step of this process has gone how I thought it would.

I really am surprised that I am still sane!  I think I nearly lost my mind those first few months after Piper was born.  Damn hormones and sleep deprivation. I'm still having some crazy mood swings and I'm sure Aaron and Parker think I'm a crazy woman most days. It really is hard (and amazingly wonderful) to start all over again, especially when both my boys were independent and I had so much freedom. But, I wouldn't trade her for anything. She is truly a blessing and a surprise! Now, the next step is getting her out of our bed and into her own. I have a book on how to accomplish this, now to just find some time to read it!

Piper finally got her eighth tooth last week.  She is standing more on her own and took six steps last night for Parker.  She is talking up a storm and aside from "Mom" and "Daddy" (and all their variations), "Uh-oh" and "Oh No", "hi" and "bye", "yeah" and "no", my favorites are "Ash" and "Hey!" She's also started saying her name "Pah-Pah". She really has become a little ham.  She loves to dance and she loves to climb the stairs.

We spent a nice relaxing day at home for her birthday.  We got her a swing, and she absolutely loves it!  Aaron smoked ribs for dinner and we had the best corn I've had in years.  I know, it's February! Of course she had none of it.  I bought some cupcakes for dessert and put a candle in one and we sang her Happy Birthday. She was actually putting her fingers in the icing and tasting it.  Then just as we were about to blow out the candle she stuck her finger in the flame.  She screamed and all three of us almost had a heart attack!  She was fine, but I honestly thought she couldn't reach that cupcake!  Mom of the year here. And no, she didn't eat any cupcakes just a marshmallow off one of  them, but she did have a Mum-Mum.  Nothing like a rice cracker for dessert! And, she wore her party hat.  Yeah!

I can't wait to see what this next year brings!

I just about had a heart attack!  I just downloaded all the photos from my camera and I deleted them from my computer somehow!  What the hell?!?  Luckily Parker took some, I hope Aaron can find them when he gets back from the DMV!

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