Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Totally Freaking Out!


We have barely started this move.  The packers are not even here yet, and I am exhausted, stressed out, and so ready for this to be over.  Moving is such a pain.  And trying to move with a baby is insane.  Trying to make sure I not only pack my things, but all the paperwork and everything else we might possibly need, and all of Piper's things is exhausting and nerve wracking.

I do wish I had a little help with the baby.  Aaron and I have been taking turns with her so we can get stuff done.  Not a fun thing moving with an almost one year old who needs to be near you, on you, next to you, or in sight of you. I did have my friends daughter come help Sunday for awhile and that was a big help.  (Did I already mention that previously? Who knows, I'm loosing my mind!)

What if I forget something?  Yeah, I know I can go buy it (hopefully) but who wants to spend the money if you don't have to, moving is already so expensive.  So I'm trying to make sure we have everything we need or may possibly need in between little crying fits (my own) because I am going to miss my friends dearly, I wish we were moving home, and I'm nervous about moving to a new place.  Jeez, like I've never done this before.  Oh, and of course the kids are reacting to my stress. "I must chill!"

While I am (was?) feeling excited about the move, I am a wreck about having to drive.  You may not know this, but, I hate to drive.  I hate the people driving, they are all retard dorks (don't give me any PC talks or comments - retards are stupid, ignorant people!) ANYWAY, I am also terrified to drive somewhere I have never been before. Hell, I hate the Goldstar bridge.  That thing is stupid too!  My hatred of driving started when Aaron LOST me in Portland, OR, the first time we moved to Connecticut.  We had no cell phones or GPS and all I knew was that we were meeting at a DMV near a big Paul Bunion.  Anyway, I finally found Mario and he's lucky to be alive.

So, I guess the point I was trying to make is I'm scared shitless about driving through New York, DC, Maryland and what ever other place I have to drive through, all of which I've never been to.  And scary traffic.  I hate traffic, again people are stupid in traffic and I hate it.  I think we're going to leave at night and hopefully avoid the dorks.  Anyway, say a little prayer for me, I'm going to need it.  Thanks.

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  1. Praying for you, lady! Don't worry, you will be fine. Most of the idiots will hopefully not be on the road when you guys will be. That should help a little! If you need help watching Piper this week, I can help after I get off work! As long as you don't mind Paige tagging along. :)