Monday, April 2, 2012

Back to reality.

Trying to get back into a normal schedule sucks!  Parts of it are good, Piper is now sleeping through the night - IN HER OWN BED! For naps too.  Aaron is working and Parker is doing well in school.  But, after a good month of exploring (i.e., shopping, eating out, shopping) it's time to get back to reality and behave.  Not fun.  I'm kinda bored here.  Shopping is fun.  Well, no more.  I mean it, no more shopping, or fun.  BOO! Crap, or eating out.  Normally, I love to cook.  But there are all these great restaurants here, so it's fun, and yummy, and I'm not just sitting around the house. Denise said we've eaten out more in the past month than we did the 8 years in Connecticut, I think she may be right.  (Not really, but I'm sure it's close).

Last weekend Denise and Shelby came for a visit.  It was wonderful! We went to D.C. on Friday and saw the cherry blossoms and some of the monuments.  Here are some of the lovely pictures Denise took.  It was my first time into the city and it was amazing.  It was also pretty hot and humid that day and we were so glad we went in the evening especially since it was so stormy on Saturday.

Piper has finally conquered walking.  She is doing really well and loves climbing up on anything she can.  She is also talking up a storm and really understands a lot.  Poor girl has been having some trouble with allergies and has been leaving snail trails on all of us.  I hate it!  I think I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  SNOT is the SOURCE of all EVIL.  I hate it!

Parker has also been having a heck of a time with allergies.  We have been assigned to Dr's at Andrews AFB.  Yeah we will not be going back there again.  It took over and hour to get there, it is about 16 miles away.  It was horrible.  He had a 8:10 appointment and we had to change it en route to 9:30.  Needless to say it was a long, sucky day.  But he did get new meds and we are waiting to hear to results of the blood test they did to see what he's allergic too.  According to the doc he has "severe allergies", I kind of figured that, he get's all puffy.

This week should be pretty laid back.  Parker is on spring break.  The weather is lovely and today I took Parker to the skate park and Piper and I played at the kiddie park.  She loves the swings, the slides scare the crap out of her.   Hopefully I'll get my craft area set up too. Wish me luck!

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