Thursday, April 12, 2012

Can't Hardly Stand It!

My parents get into Virginia late tonight and we will see them in the morning.  I can't wait.  I am so excited.  It has been about 9 months since Piper and I have seen them, 3 years for Parker and almost 8 for Aaron.  Aaron has been working extra all week so he can take off early tomorrow, and I'm thinking maybe Parker will have a "doctors" appointment tomorrow afternoon.  (I'm sure Aaron will call horse crap on that one but hello, it's his grand parents! But then again, I do have an appointment at his school next because because a few of his grades have slipped.)

And, I look up and the baby is eating paper.  Ugh, she's like a goat. Everything goes in her mouth!

Anyway, while Piper slept today I cleaned like a mad woman.  I can hardly sit still, I am so excited. Did I already say that? Now I'm just waiting for Parker to get home from school so I can run to the store (he forgot his key.   He also forgot to shut the front door! Thankfully I'm still alive and the cat is still here.)  I need to get stuff to make Swedish Meatballs and mashed potatoes.  Aaron's request, I've never made them.  Wish me luck!

Piper is growing by leaps and bounds.  She now walks more than she crawls.  And she is talking up a storm.  I caught her this afternoon saying, peek-a-boo, Parker and Ash.  She just cracks me up! Thankfully Parker has not gotten her to say CHILL.  That would not be a good thing!

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