Friday, April 13, 2012

A Lovely Day.

Today was wonderful.  My parents came this morning and we had a great day.  We spent the morning talking and, and watching Piper dance.  She can really get down, and she was really cracking us up.  I did try to get some video's, but each time, she would stop dancing.  But this girl really loves music. Papa made here a collection of videos and she loved them. We had a great lunch out when Aaron got home from work.  And we found that Parker is now taller than Grandma.

Now they are off to North Carolina and will be back Tuesday for the rest of the week.  I am so glad they were able to sneak in today with us.

Here's the problem.  I didn't take any pictures.  I know.  Right!?!  What a dork I am!  I almost cried when I realized this.  I will be sure to take a million pictures when they get back.  I promise!

So, in the mean time.  This will have to do.  Pictures of my lovely surprise.  Bread from Boudin Bakery.  And not any bread, sourdough bread.  And not any sourdough, the ORIGINAL San Francisco sourdough.  If you have never had it, you are missing out.  So here are some pictures.  I'm a dork, yes I know.  But I dream about this bread.  (No, I am not being compensated from Boudin, I just LOVE them. Click here to check them out.)  Thank you again Dad and Mom.

Yeah, I posted pictures of bread.  So what.  It is very lovely bread.  But really, I'll post pictures next week of our visit with my parents.  I think I need a slice of toast, sourdough toast, with peanut butter,  Num Yummy!

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