Friday, April 27, 2012

Piper the Goat Baby

Yeah, Yeah, two posts in less than twenty four hours,  I think this is worth it.

So, I'm just wasting time, messing around, reading about Beyonce (because I needed a good laugh, unfortunately that led to coughing, which led to well, read my last post) and posting links to a Beyonce printable, when I look up to find this:

Piper with a big hunk of chocolate. (She wouldn't
hold still so I could get a single good picture.)

Have I mentioned she LOVES chocolate?
No?  She really, really does!

Can you see that chocolate face?  Yeah, it became 
chocolate on my camera.

Then she tried to lick the camera! Really!
Like I said, she won't hold still.

What I found.  Now, I thought I had thrown this away,
it wasn't very good, waxy dark chocolate with
crunchy bits of orange.  Very wrong.  It is now in the trash.

So I clean up the baby.  Clean up my camera.  Then clean up the mess and throw it away.  When I come back.  SHE. IS. EATING. PAPER!  Sheesh.  Se loves paper almost as much as she loves chocolate.  I guess she needs more fiber.  Even funnier, the paper was the target coupon book for baby food.  Irony.

And now, she's just climbed onto the couch for the first time, by herself.  See GOAT!

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