Thursday, April 26, 2012


Sucks!  Big time!  I new I was coming down with something while my parents were here.  Oh man did I.  I went to the doctors on Tuesday and I already knew I had bronchitis.  How you ask? Well, I was coughing so hard I bruised my ribs and was peeing my pants.  Yeah, I said it!  I'm 40, have 3 kids, and was coughing till I nearly passed out. What about it?!?  Ha ha ha, NOT FUNNY!  Okay, kinda.

So tonight was FABULOUS!!!!  I finally got out for a bit by myself.  (It was humid out, not fabulous.  How humid you ask.  Well, so humid that my stick straight hair had curled around my head.  Yeah, yeah, I know shiny object, can you tell I feel better?)  Anyway, I got a coffee (oh, maybe that's part of it) and I went to Home Goods.  I am still on the look out for Beyonce.  But I do I have a lead to on one on Route 1, now I just need to figure out where that is.  But I did find this...

NINJA BREAD MEN!  I have wanted these forever, but didn't want to order them because the shipping was as much as the cutters.  Yeah, I'm a dork, but I love them.

And, the night got better.  As I was getting in my car, I noticed an angry woman walking very fast.  I thought, "Maybe she's angry because she has a mustache and a goatee?"  Nope, I'm fairly sure it was the bulge in her lycra skirt.  Not a bulge like in Poise (shut up!, there's no bulge ) but a bulge as in man.  They best way to describe her is to say if you've read Stephanie Plum's books, she was a man dressed as Lula.  And, don't get PC on me. She just needed a mirror check as any self respecting woman does.

Then, I got home, and it was awesome.  Aaron had put Piper to bed, and she was asleep.  She is still asleep.  I did have a momentary freak out because she had gotten into my stuff and I couldn't find my glasses prescription but I found it and I'm calm and the air conditioning is on.   So now I'm going to relax and watch the BIG BANG Theory! BANG!

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  1. I LOVE BBT!!!!! And those Ninja Bread men look fantastic. I can't wait to see what cookies come from these cutters ;) And I'm glad you got some time out to yourself... I think I am going to tell Daniel I need a night off soon so I can just go be ME lol. AC Moore is calling...