Wednesday, January 4, 2012

...Boots with the fur...

OK, it's a vest with the fur.  But, I am always singing this to Piper so I thought it appropriate for the outfit she's wearing.  It was one of her Christmas gifts from Grandma.  It is too cute, and her skinny little legs crack me up!  So does her "You lookin' at me?" gaze!

I wanted to get a picture of P2 and P3 together.  As you can see, no one was interested!

Piper is finally getting over her cold, but her sleep schedule is still screwy.  Therefore, so is mine.  I am exhausted and it doesn't help the Dude has duty.  I cant wait to never use that word again!  Oh yeah, "Count Down to the River: 56 days.

Now I need to go make dinner.  I don't want to.  Most the time I love to cook, tonight, not so much!  Parker wants KFC, Pizza Hut, Chinese, I keep saying no.  So sandwiches and apples it is.  Sounds good to me.

Have you seen this commercial?  Love it !

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