Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Piper Has Her Seventh Tooth

So yesterday I woke up to a surprise.  Well, not really a surprise but, Piper FINALLY got her seventh tooth.  The bottom one to the left right of her front two teeth. (If you are looking at her it's your left, but her right, whatever.) She has been a bit happier since it came in and sleeping better too. Yay me.

I tried getting some pictures of her pretty little toofers, she is such a ham.  As soon as she see's the camera she crawls towards me as fast as she can.

You can see her tooth poking through a bit there on the bottom left.  Finally.

I also got a video of her making "brrrrmmmm" noises when she was playing with her tug boat.  She pushes it around and makes motor noises.  Not sure where she learned that, must have been from her Daddy.  I love that she sits and plays with her toys by herself.  Such a silly girl.

Count down to the River is now 42 days.  Ugh, makes my stomach sick.  Aaron's last day on the boat is this Friday.  CAN. NOT. WAIT!

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