Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

Countdown to the "River" - 58 Days

Let the purging begin.

With the upcoming move and the motivation of a new year, I am really trying to go through everything, and I do mean everything.  We have got to downsize.  I am sick of stuff.  We have a lot of stuff.  I always say to Aaron "Who buys all this CRAP?"  ME THAT'S WHO!

So after the Christmas shit stuff came down, I started with the coat closet.  Seems innocent enough.  Yes it would appear so, until you are mortified that you have a bakers dozen of Yankee Candles in there.  Uh, do you know how much money that is?  I do, don't speak it aloud or lightening may strike me dead.  I don't care that I bought them on sale, it is shameful.  I also found assorted purses, Dooney, Coach, Vera, yup, more shame.  And of course dust bunnies with huge fangs.

I've since moved on to the lined closet, which is also where we store games.  I have 25 games to get rid of, only saving about 5 and a few decks of cards.  Again, shame, most are not played.

So, I have learned that I buy too much shit stuff.  I haven't even gotten to my yarn or craft stuff yet.  UGH, I am going to go hang my head and rest a few minutes till Piper gets up.  Happy New Year.


  1. Totally serious here... since you won't be able to wait til spring to have a yard sale, you should totally have a friend-only indoor sale! I would be glad to take some stuff off your hands, and I would be happy to pay what you deserve for it! :)
    I am sad, the word I have to type in to verify this message is obess. What the heck is obess, and is it telling me something?

  2. I agree with Talana, have a sale!! I love board games, and knowing you they are all still in perfect condition :) You are much braver than I am when it comes to cleaning. Nesting helped me get rid of a lot of junk we have!! It was either clean and donate, or get a storage unit... No thank you! Happy New Year, Misty :)

  3. You guys are awesome. I actually started posting to a group on FB. I'll send you invites.

  4. I've seen some people do Facebook sales, too. Create a group for it. Post pics and set prices. Invite alll your local friends and ask them to invite local friends.

    THE PURGE (all caps necessary) is my FAVORITE part of moving!