Friday, January 13, 2012

How I Lost My Groove

...Or "Flying Monkeys on crack were shooting out of my body!"

It happened.  After all these years.  I got the FLU!  I wanted to die.  I got the Flu Mist. And it's true, Flying Monkeys on crack were shooting out of my body, both ends, same time.  Again, I wanted to die.  Monday night, after I made cookies, I started feeling a little, funny.  Well, within a few hours it was soooo not funny.  It was hell.

Even worse, I had eaten some Triscuit's.  Heads up, if you throw these up, they are like wheat plugs, sorry, but I'm just saying.  *By the way, if you ever want to piss my husband off say "I'm just saying".  Makes him nuts.  Anyway, back to me and my misery.  So in between being sick and wanting to die, I am up nursing Piper and did not sleep until 8 am and slept off and on until noon.  Aaron came home from work around the same time because, yup, you guessed it, he had the flu.  Luckily he never threw up.

All in all it was horrible.  We were both so tired and achy I felt so bad for my poor baby, no one had the energy to get down and play with her.  But all in all she was a trooper and thank God we are all feeling better.  Now if her teeth would just come through I think we would be in the clear.  Luckily Parker has avoided this misery and was a big help too.  I hope he's in the clear.

And the other casualty of the flu.  The cinnamon chip cookies, I threw those bad boys out.  I was afraid they were tainted by flu cooties.

They count down to the River is now 47 days.  Pretty confident now that we will not be down by the river, but in Maryland.  During all this sickness Aaron was able to find a temporary replacement and will hopefully go on terminal leave on Monday.  Huge sigh of relief.  So now we are deciding when and where to move.  Hopefully this weekend we get is narrowed down, find a house, and set a date to move.  Wish me luck.

Oh, and before I go.  Piper is asleep in her crib this morning.  Wahoo!

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