Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wahoo, the River is in sight!

Count down to the River: 35 days

35 days till Aaron retires.  13 days till the movers start packing us out. And, 16 days left in our current house, and we still have not found a new place to live.  We have decided to pick a River in Alexandria, VA.  I've never been but I heard it's nice.  Hopefully we will find something soon.  Aaron wants a short commute time, Parker wants to be near the skate park, I want a nicer, newer home with A/C, two garages, 4 bedrooms, and an ice maker.  Yeah, I said it, and ice maker, so?!? Oh, and a Starbuck's near by.  Yeah, you read that too!

Aside from getting the house ready to move and purging we are catching up on all our appointments. It has been crazy:

Monday: Parker dentist - 3 cavities
Tuesday: Me and Parker at eye doc - I need bifocals, the lenses alone are over $250
Wednesday - Parker has follow up for collar done
Thursday - Parker back to dentist

And on top of it all my poor baby still has this yucky, boogie funk.  She is pretty happy just wants all our attention and for us to not wipe her nose.  She started with a cough today that has me a little worried.  Just going to keep a close eye on her.  And my stress induced hand eczema is back.  Not a clue why that would happen!

Oh, and last night, I saw my first Vajazzle on Pinterest.  I love Pinterest, it's my happy, cooking, crafting, pretty place.  But lately the creeps are coming on and posting their porn, and the stupid teens posting their emo boy friends with more makeup and holes than a whore, pictures of their feet, and group pictures where they all have duck lips.  Get off Pinterest you pervs and emo brats!  Whew, I feel better.

Now, I think I am going to just take it easy today, the past few days have kicked my hiney!  At least my house is nice and super clean.  My favorite!

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  1. Vajazzle on Pinterest! Haha! Gross!

    Hope Piper is feeling better soon! It stinks when babies are sick. Alli was feeling pretty yucky on Monday, and she didn't get off my lap for like 12 HOURS! Had flashbacks on my early breastfeeding days ...