Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Hate Snot!

I believe that snot is the source of all evil, snot and monkeys, but I'll save monkeys for another day.

Poor Piper still has this nasty bug.  For days, she has been overflowing with snot.  I hate it, she hates, damn, we all hate it.  She is so snotty that I have snail tracks all over my shirts, Aaron does too.  I feel so bad, but for the most part she is pretty happy, as long as she's being held or sleeping.  And now there's the fever.  Highest was 102.6 now we linger just under 100 to just over 101.  She is nursing, again issues with snot, and she's had a little Gator-aid, a bit of fruit baby food and half of a Triscuit.  Really hope she gets to feeling better soon.

I decided to have Piper's first birthday  before we move. The thought of her not having a first birthday party made me want to cry.  Actually, I did cry, you can ask my Mom.  But my great friends Denise and Meara encouraged me to do it. I know it's more for me than her, she won't know or remember what's happened.  But, I also figured it was a great excuse to see all our friends together before we moved.  I'm hoping it turns out cute, it should bee great for her bee day.  Hint, hint, wink, wink!

The count down to the River is now 32 days.    Which I will  officially adjust to the day we are moving, starting NOW!  The adjusted countdown to What Ever River There Is In Alexandria, VA is now, hold on, let me figure it out.... 13 days.  Holy crap!  I gotta go throw up.

...And she just coughed in my mouth. Great!


  1. I am SO glad you are having her part before you leave. I am sure it will BEE a blast, and that she will be a BEE-autiful birthday girl. Am I getting the hints right?? Huh? I am simply BUZZING with excitement about it, lol. And I may join you in the throwing up. 13 days??? I CAN'T lose you yet-you are coming back to visit a LOT right? ;)


  2. Of course we will visit. It is going by way too fast! And I think you may bee right;)