Saturday, January 14, 2012

Me - A Random Post

So the past two days my Mom has sent me a couple of pictures.

This first one is of me as a baby.  At first, when the picture was loading, I thought it was Piper.  I found it funny because I always think she looks more like Parker and therefore Aaron.

The photo on the top is me, the photo on the bottom is Piper.  Now I don't see it. Oh well.  I give up.  I tried looking at a bunch of photos, nothing.  But I swear, I thought it was her at first.  Pretty sure I'm loosing my mind. Also, the lovely photo of Piper was taken by the amazing Des'ola!  Find her at Des'ola Photography, she is absolutely amazing and the nicest person!

And here is the other picture my Mom sent.  Me baking as a toddler, maybe this is where my love of baking started.  Well, that's what she said anyway.  I think it looks like I'm just licking the spoon and making a mess.  Love the herringbone dishcloth/bib/poncho, whatever it is I have on.  Of course, in olive green.  Got to love the 70's.

And, the count down to the River is now 46 days.  We have got to decide where to live in Maryland.  I am getting very anxious, nervous and finally excited about this next stage in our lives.  Stay tuned and have a great weekend everyone.

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